The Cat’s Meow: Lehigh Valley in the Age of Art Deco & the Roaring Twenties Exhibition, September 9, 2017 – August 6, 2018, Sigal Museum

Step back into 1920s and ’30s America when the Lehigh Valley was roaring with red light districts, illegal underground speakeasies, and organized crime. Immigrants, women, and children found work in the booming steel and textile industries across the area.┬áIn a bold reaction against tradition, the Art Deco movement emerged to the forefront of design in an increasingly mechanized world. Architecture, furniture, apparel, graphic design, cars, trains, ocean liners, and jewelry all begin to reflect the growth and change of a young 20th-century America.

Journey with us from the end of World War I through Prohibition and the Great Depression as we celebrate this dynamic era.
Image at left: man with 1910 Excelsior Auto-Cycle in Hackensack, NJ
Visit the exhibition to see a 1910 Excelsior up close.