October 6 – 31, 2013

Artist: Christine Damiano

Gettysburg's Ghosts

The Gettysburg Series is a body of twenty graphite illustrations acknowledging the supernatural tradition of the Battle of Gettysburg; melding the present-day landscape and monuments with hypothetical renditions of the original participants of the battle. The initial appearance recalls history textbook illustrations of the baby boom era. The black/grey/white pallet is intended to enhance the ethereal nature of the images- with the works capturing the moment that a spectral participant from July 1863 observes himself immortalized as a monument or recalls his plight during Pickett’s Charge. The main theme of the series is the reflexive nature of the lost soul returning day in and day out to the soil where he lost his life, even as the town of Gettysburg has grown and changed around him.

Celeste Callaghan, Callaghan Interior Design
Mark Damiano, Weichert Realtors
Harold J. J. DeWalt, Jr., Esquire
Barbara Donnelly, Donnelly Marketing Services Associates, LLC
Santisi Imports




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