Permanent Exhibits/Gallery Spaces

+ The First Pumper Truck of Easton

+ Timeline and Early Easton Artifacts in the Sigal Museum Auditorium

+ Lenape

+ Formation of the County and Treaty

+ First Settlements

+ Agriculture

+ Conflict/Wartime

+ Industry

+ Decorative Arts Gallery

The are also two-three major exhibitions a year, and three-four smaller exhibitions a year in our Chrin Gallery and Regional Artists Gallery respectively. Any of these exhibition spaces are fantastic places to rent for special events of any kind.

Upcoming Exhibits

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Past Exhibits

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NCHGS Locations

The Sigal Museum

The Society's new flagship facility and its headquarters. Enjoy this new place where we tell the old stories of American History made in Northampton County.

342 Northampton St.

Mixsell House

This opulent Victorian home at 4th and Ferry was once the Society headquarters. Now it is open for house museum tours and soon the NCHGS Textile Resource Center.

101-107 S. Fourth St. (By appointment)

1753 Bachmann Publick House

Easton's oldest building which contains the last remaining Northampton County colonial-era court room.

169 Northampton St. (By appointment)

Kressler Garden

It's a grant-funded, public garden open to anyone in the area to enjoy.

4th and Ferry St.

Jacob Nicholas House

Named for its first resident who lived there from 1807 - 1832. Nicholas was a wood turner and later a Durham boat captain.

458 Ferry St. (By appointment)